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OREMOB by Berlin artist ORE ORE ORE is the expansion of his successful Web3 anime project he started in 2021. A community focused on exciting narrative in a world of distinctive visual identities and strong pop-culture references as artform.

The OREMOB's imminent takeover of the Cardano NFT space is starting right here.






10.000 avatars born from more than 500+ hand drawn traits will be released to the NFT Community on Cardano. The sale will be split between the Whitelist, Burnerphone MOB and Public Sale. All avatars, PFPs were manually selected and refined with great care. The assets are all hand-drawn using ink on paper, incorporating Anime, Manga, Pop-Culture, and Ukiyo-e. Every piece is hand-picked.



Our goal is to reward our early collectors and supporters from the community. To mint, you must hold an OG, Ring Charm v1 or v2, or Whitelist spot. Based on their allocation, each person has a limited capacity to mint. See if you’re on the whitelist and how many spots you have.

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In order to reward our ultras and loyal Burnerphone MOB holders, we are allowing them to mint +/-1500 pieces at a reduced price. You must hold a Burnerphone MOB NFT to mint during this phase. The Burnerphone MOB is the backbone of this community and will remain the first line of advisors to us always.

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The idea of a larger community is very important to us, so we gave a lot of the MINT to the public. Over 6500 pieces will be available to the public during this phase of the MINT. Rare pieces are distributed the same as Whitelist pieces.

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Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting this project and selling it out in less then a day. We still can't believe it - this is on another level! The MOB is out here where it belongs.

Let's grow together, let's thrive together.

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Values & ethics
Over the decades, we have built up a significant amount of experience in projecting values and ensuring our foundations are solid. Therefore, our value chain expands from the inside out. We begin with what we can achieve ourselves within our internal team, and follow with what we hope to achieve from leading by example.
OREMOB Community
Community is the essence of everything, and incepting trust as a core foundation within our community is where we want to start our journey. Your actions within the Ore community will determine your role and we are so excited to see how we grow together.
The foundation of our story was laid in 2021 where 252 of  our 1/1 artworks were brought to Cardano and are currently still the most sought-after works in the CNFT space. Their quality and scarcity qualify them as “grails” for many CNFT collectors. These limited edition drops were critical to our organic growth strategy as it allowed us to develop a core community who values high quality art. All future OG drops will be exclusive to holders who own at least one of ORE’s pieces.
Lovingly called the ‘Burner Phone Mob’ by OG collectors, this MOB was established to cut through some of the noise that is typical in any new Discord channel. They are a close-knit community who protect their BURNER PHONE CNFTs in their wallets and pledging to never cross the MOB. Many decisions are made with this group as representatives of the larger community, and their tight circle is cherished throughout the entire community for its dedication and everlasting loyalty. A place in the Burner-phone MOB is earned, and not bought.
The new era that we will embark on is one where you decide on your identity. Digital Avatars are roles you commit to in a setting that needs creative and courageous care. ORE has created over 500+ unique traits, all hand drawn with ink on paper and colored digitally. There are 13 different factions within the OREMOB that will reveal a lot of depth towards the ever growing lore of the OREMOB. The mint price at 252 ADA with royalties of 6% are the starting point for this unique project.
You won’t have to go through the metadata yourself anymore! Discovering the traits of each artwork without having to connect too many dots yourself is the next step in our journey. Whether you’re looking at ORE ORE ORE OGs or OREMOB PFPs, you will have a bird's eye view of everything in play.
A portion of the funds raised from further ORE OG drops will be invested in strengthening the lore and supporting the visual storytelling of our 13 factions. We intend to utilize community input as well as professional storytellers to build a story that the Mob can collectively be proud of.
Music has always been a large part of ORE’s life and creative process. Our goal is to leverage our platform to introduce up-and-coming musicians to the Cardano ecosystem. Part of the revenue from music streams will flow into one of our talent adept programs, with more info coming soon!
The NFT space is the newest and most innovative way for people to interact with the brands and content creators they love. Building off of the positive feedback we received from the BP Mob scavenger hunt, we will deliver further community-exclusive events that offer more insight to ORE’s mind.
OREMOB by Berlin artist ORE ORE ORE is the expansion of his successful Web3 anime project he started in 2021. A community focused on exciting narrative in a world of distinctive visual identities and strong pop-culture references as artform.